LaurDIY (TikTok) Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Ethnicity, Networth & More

LaurDIY (TikTok) Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Ethnicity, Networth, Personal Life, Career, Date of Birth & More

LaurDIY is a well-known Canadian influencer who has gained popularity on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Born as Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki on 11th August 1993 in Ontario, Canada, she is recognized for sharing content related to fitness and lifestyle on her social channels.

Birth & Early Life

Though Lauren was born and raised in Canada, her unique middle and last name have roots in other countries. Her Finnish last name comes from her father, who has Finnish and Ukrainian heritage, while her middle name is a reflection of her mother’s Japanese background. Growing up as an only child, Lauren received ample attention from her parents. She was an active child and participated in swimming classes, piano lessons, and guitar lessons.

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameLauren Kobayashi Riihimaki
Known AsLaurDIY
ProfessionDIY Influencer
Date of BirthAugust 11, 1993
BirthplaceOntario, Canada
Zodiac SignLeo
Height5’5″ (170 cm)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Relationship StatusEngaged
PartnerJeremy Lewis
Engagement Announcement2022
Notable VideoRoast Yourself Rap Challenge
YouTube SubscribersOver 8.41 million
Estimated Net WorthBetween $600,000 and $3 million (as of 2023)


During her high school years, Lauren demonstrated a keen interest in learning. She excelled in her studies, earning a place in the French Immersion program, where all her classes were conducted in French. Despite the challenges, Lauren emerged as the valedictorian of her class. After graduating, she enrolled at Ryerson University in Toronto, pursuing a degree in graphic communications management, which she successfully completed.


While initially enthusiastic about graphic communication, Lauren began to feel creatively stifled and disheartened with her specialization and studies. Seeking an outlet for her creativity, she started a personal blog, where she shared her school struggles and DIY projects like dorm room decoration and school supply customization. As her blog gained popularity, her readers expressed a preference for DIY content.

In response to her audience’s demands, Lauren ventured into YouTube in 2011. Her first DIY video went viral on Tumblr, significantly boosting her channel’s popularity. With time, she evolved into the DIY queen of YouTube, sharing her creative projects and glimpses into her personal life, much to her fans’ delight.

Personal Life

Lauren has experienced several significant relationships throughout her life. She was in a relationship with Sebastian Morris from 2010 to 2015. Although they broke up, they remained friends until Sebastian’s tragic passing in 2020. In 2015, she began dating Alexander Burris, also known as Alex Wasabi on YouTube, but the couple eventually parted ways due to commitment issues. Her current partner and soulmate is Jeremy Lewis, a singer and entrepreneur, and they announced their engagement publicly in 2022.

Physical Appearance

Lauren stands at a height of 5’5″ (170 cm) and weighs 55 kilograms (121 lbs).

Net Worth

LaurDIY’s success on social media platforms, particularly YouTube, has contributed significantly to her financial well-being. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be between 600 thousand and 3 million US dollars. She earns income through YouTube advertisements, brand sponsorships, and other social media activities.

Key Facts

  1. She graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in graphic communications management from Ryerson University.
  2. LaurDIY’s DIY blog was created during her freshman year of college.
  3. Her most popular video, “Roast Yourself Rap Challenge,” has garnered over 15 million views.
  4. She has over 8.41 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  5. Lauren announced her engagement with Jeremy Lewis in 2022, marking a significant milestone in her personal life.