OlivtheOwl (Influencer) Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Ethnicity, Networth & More

OlivtheOwl (Influencer) Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Ethnicity, Networth, Personal Life, Career, Date of Birth & More

OlivtheOwl is an American Twitch variety streamer, YouTuber, and internet personality who captivates audiences with her anxious yet engaging gaming streams. Born with a deep admiration for Peepo the frog culture, she has carved a niche for herself in the online gaming community.

Birth & Early Life

OlivtheOwl was born in the United States and has always been fascinated by the world of gaming. Her passion for video games and the online realm was evident from an early age. Growing up, she nurtured her enthusiasm and eventually turned it into a career.

ProfessionTwitch Streamer, YouTuber
Date of BirthNot Known
Birth PlaceUnited States
Height5’5” (165 cm)
Weight116 lbs (53 kg)
CertificationsCompTIA Security+ (2020)


In December 2019, OlivtheOwl marked a significant milestone by graduating with a B.A.A.S in Information Systems and CyberSecurity. She is a fervent learner and obtained the CompTIA Security+ (2020) certificate. Currently, she is actively pursuing the CySA+ certification to further enhance her expertise. Her dedication to her social media career is evident, and she aspires to achieve the coveted status of a Twitch partner.

Personal Life

OlivtheOwl values her community greatly and enjoys interacting with them during her streams, particularly in the Just Chatting section. Apart from gaming, she dabbles in crafts and meme art, showcasing her creative side. Her presence is felt across various platforms. Her Twitter account is the hub for stream announcements, memes, and celebrations of her achievements. On Instagram, she shares her original memes, selfies, and funny TikTok reposts. Her YouTube channel features playthroughs and highlights from her Twitch streams. Additionally, she keeps up with the latest TikTok trends through her own original sketches and clips.

Physical Appearance

Standing at a height of 5’5” (165 cm), OlivtheOwl possesses a distinct and relatable appearance that resonates with her audience. She weighs 116 lbs (53 kg), reflecting her energetic and vibrant personality.

Net Worth

As of now, OlivtheOwl’s net worth is not available to the public.

Key Facts

  1. She’s an ardent fan of Peepo the frog culture.
  2. She holds a CompTIA Security+ (2020) certification and is working towards obtaining the CySA+.
  3. Stay updated on her upcoming streams and schedule by joining her Discord server.
  4. She’s known for playing an array of games, including The Elder Scroll’s series, League of Legends, Path of Exile, and many more.
  5. Her online presence extends to multiple platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where she shares her content.
  6. OlivtheOwl’s engaging and relatable personality has helped her gather a loyal following across different social media platforms.